GlobBiz Avenue

Gwadar-Pearl of the Arabian Sea

Gwadar, a port city located on the southwestern coast of Balochistan, Pakistan, is the deepest seaport in the region. An overseas possession of Oman from 1783 to 1958 it was handed over to Pakistan. Due to its dynamic location and geography, Gwadar is going to be the busiest seaport in the region and is also considered to be the future of Pakistan. The nerve center of China’s Belt and Road initiative, Gwadar is fast evolving into the center of regional trade for the days to come. China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) which integrates infrastructure, energy and industrialization, is the most valued part of China’s Belt & Road initiative. Hence, CPEC is going to usher in a new era of prosperity transforming Gwadar into the most iconic metropolis in the region, with GBA Group’s GlobBiz Avenue as its most desired residential, business and leisure destination.

Gwadar Builders & Associates Builders of the Future

Gwadar Builders & Associates (Pvt) Limited, a sister organization of GBA and builders of GlobBiz Avenue, has a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, town planners, architects, construction engineers and horticulturists, working in close collaboration to achieve the immaculate perfection in all aspects of town planning and development. Gwadar Builders & Associates believes in delivering its best to ensure optimum returns over investment and satisfaction for their clients. It is an open proof of its devotion to work and loyalty to its customers that GlobBiz Avenue has become a symbol of success and achievements in a very short time and being considered as an icon for the development of the residential and commercial areas of Gwadar City.

GlobBiz Avenue-Jewel of Gwadar

Gwadar, the Coastal District of Makran Division, Baluchistan, Pakistan is the next economic hub of the world. Due to its strategic location and geographical attributes, Gwadar is a natural deep seaport which is being developed along modern lines by China, as part of its CPEC project. In view of the city’s economic potential, global significance and future prospects as an international cosmopolitan, Gwadar Development Authority has developed a masterplan of this great city to accommodate the residential, commercial, industrial, and leisure needs of the future residents who will come here from all over the world. To deliver exactly as per the future needs of the city, GBA Group has unveiled GlobBiz Avenue, a commercial residential and recreational project equipped with all the world-class amenities and facilities which make every moment of life worth living. GlobBiz Avenue, the most iconic project in Gwadar, stretching over a huge tract of land. Measuring more than a kilometer, the project features the longest seafront for any project in Gwadar. Offering a world-class lifestyle in the perfectly safe premises, GlobBiz Avenue is the most spectacular master-planned community in Gwadar, offering an eclectic mix of residential, business and leisure. GlobBiz Avenue has already been granted NOC by the Gwadar Development Authority (GDA).

Location the heart of ocean-The Core of Business Hub

GlobBiz Avenue Gwadar holds an exquisite place in the master plan of Gwadar. Adjacent to the Central Business District (CBD) of the city makes the zone a distinctive one. Phase I and II are located on Marine Drive with a seafront of more than a kilometer in close quarters to the downtown (CBD) of the city offering the glorious view of unsullied seawater stretching across the horizon. A central business district (CBD) is the commercial and business center of the city. Geographically, it often coincides with the “city center” or “downtown”. Phase Iv of the project lies just at the worthwhile location of the city at the Balochistan Broadway which runs in the middle of the society connecting residential and industrial zones. Being in the closest proximity of the city center, GlobBiz Avenue integrates a great deal of financial, business, culture and service institutions along with an exceptional investment opportunity. It is also believed that GlobBiz Avenue will bring about the kind of investment that will truly nurture this prominent business area. The project will be surrounded by stunning architecture and the business hub will be neighboring by skyscrapers, sights and bustling neighborhoods, and other attractions.

GlobBiz Avenue Gwadar-Epicenter of Growth

GlobBiz Avenue Gwadar is an intelligently envisaged eclectic mix of residential, commercial, and leisure activities at the most prime locations of Gwadar City. By virtue of its design and location, the project offers a world of business opportunities for local and international investors to make optimum profits by investing their capital in the future. GlobBiz Avenue Gwadar is situated in the heart of the next best destination for business, trade, tourism and adventure. This makes it ideal for investment in hotels, shopping malls, cineplexes, clubs, restaurants, water sports and a range of other high-end commercials, residential and leisure projects.

GBA Gwadar-Bridging Potential & Opportunities

GlobBiz Avenue Gwadar, under the seal of Pakistan’s most trusted business conglomerate i.e. GBA Group, offers investment opportunities in the form sole ownership, collaborations and JVs in high-rises and commercial centers at the most precious locations of Gwadar with spectacular views of the world’s most splendid seafront. With the emerging status of a global city, Gwadar is going to need world-class structures and facilities for its future residents coming from all over the world. GBA has complete confidence in its ability to deliver such projects however we are going to need technical assistance and collaboration of internationally acclaimed developers and builders opening a world of opportunities for the world. Doorway of opportunities to the world. Gwadar is going to be the center of the world in a few years. Therefore, the place offers a great investment opportunity with unimaginable returns for investors and entrepreneurs. GlobBiz Avenue Gwadar is not just futuristic in terms of whereabouts but legally fully secured having all the required NOCs and registrations making it not just the substantial but the safest investment opportunity for its clients and customers.
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