About Us

GBA Group is one of the leading business conglomerates in Pakistan, with a global business outlook. The group has a multidimensional portfolio primarily focused on real estate development, town planning, construction, marketing, investment management, media, manufacturing, trading and overseas operations. Brainchild of the Group's Founder Chairman Makhdoom Tanveer Ahmed Qureshi, GBA is all about exploring new possibilities and opportunities for business growth, not only in Pakistan but all over the world. Commitment, credibility and consistency of our team of high caliber professionals have helped GBA Group pursue its policy of persistent expansion and robust growth, with considerable success. Over the last two decades, the Group has carved its niche among the most trustworthy business names in Pakistan. That's why, today with its strong presence in Gwadar Pakistan, GBA Group is unlocking the gateway to prosperity for its local and international clients, ushering in a new era of coordinated economic activity and collective growth.


the walk to prosperity!

Every journey starts with a small step. And the promise in the first step defines the destination! So, GBA Group, Pakistan's noted business consortium, started its quest of glory in 2001 with the establishment of GBA Trading and Silverline primarily dealing in food and health products. The year 2003 saw the group venturing into plastic manufacturing and recycling alongside automobile sectors in the African Continent. At the same time, the group made successful inroads into electronic media in Pakistan with the launch of the country's first-ever terrestrial channel in the private sector. Throughout its glorious journey, the group has achieved remarkable success owing to its policy of transparency, perseverance and innovation, however, real estate remains its hallmark. Over the last 2 decades, GBA Group has launched several residential and commercial projects in all the various urban centers of Pakistan including Gwadar, Kharian and Gujrat. Notwithstanding all the achievements, for GBA, every day is a new beginning as we continue our pursuit of a shared dream of building a peaceful, progressive and prosperous Pakistan.



To refine and redefine the business paradigm in Pakistan by setting unrivalled standards of professionalism, commitment, credibility and excellence in service delivery.


To become the most trustworthy brand name in Pakistan by delivering epoch-making projects meeting deadlines and exceeding expectations of our versatile clientele who look for cost-effective, timeefficient and technologically advanced services and solutions.


Generosity to treat our people, clients and communities as our family.
Balance to promote social harmony, gender equality and environmentally aware entrepreneurship.
Adaptability to propel business efficiency in an inclusive culture with respect for human values.


Everything we do today, determines our tomorrow. So, GBA is all about collaboration, commitment and credibility to bring the world together in pursuit of a shared dream of peace, progress and prosperity.